Calle Padre Billini # 207, Zona Colonial. Tel. 809-221-7415


Hotel Doña Elvira redefines the luxury hospitality experience.


In Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic the stay at Hotel Doña Elvira offers our guests the charm of the old colonial world with the comfort of its facilities, housed in a 16th century mansion built around 1550, invite our visitors to know the first city of America.


The ancestral mansion dates back from Diego Columbus’ time (son of Christopher Columbus), which was converted into a hotel in 2004, has 15 rooms and suites equipped with cable TV, air conditioning, fan, free Wi-Fi, Andalusian styled private bathroom and more.

A large vestibule crowned by a roof built of century-old beams with a height of 20 feet, encased in colonial walls will welcome you in our hotel. You will feel in another world with the walks, shopping trips and historical museums that we have for you. A relaxing swim in the pool, Jacuzzi, or have a cocktail in the private garden under an old mango tree will provide you the tranquility you deserve. Our highly-equipped facilities with the latest amenities, welcome the modern traveler on business or leisure.


Our restaurant makes use of highly qualified chefs to serve you exquisite Asian fusion dishes and Caribbean. National dishes are served as well as in the style of Indian cuisine and the Trinidad and Tobago. Breakfast starts with an exquisite Dominican coffee, juices freshly made with natural fruits, local eggs, our famous mangu, sausages and the variety of your preference.

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SPA Jacuzzi Massage

Our Hotel offers its guests a deeply personalized wellness experience in the comfort and tranquility they deserve. All our guests have access to our luxury wellness center. Here you can relax in our swimming pool or enjoy the jacuzzi after an intense day, heavy and long trip. Also reserve a relaxing massage.

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Hotel Doña Elvira, calle Padre Billini #207, Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo (República Dominicana)